Hey buddy…

Yes! Buds! Buds on the tulips, the hyacinths, the daffodils, thepaperwhites… not the irises yet, but those bloom much later. Everything is growing slowly but surely, and it’s so hard to stayinside! (the torrential downpour helps, though -laugh-) And despitebeing notoriously difficult to grow, my daphneodora is actually blooming for the second time, I feel soprivileged! It had buds for about a month and I was sure they’d given upon me and were about to die – surprise! ‘course, this doesn’t mean that it won’t still change its mind and suddenly conk out on me for no apparent reason. :)

But I’m being very good and was only outside for a half hour or so (yes, in the rain). I found out on Tuesday that one of my professors wants us to turn in the rough draft of our final paper in two weeks, which left me gabbling wordlessly and searching around on the floor for where my lower jaw must have fallen and shattered. Add to this that another paper is due in four weeks, and you might understand how I feel right now. I’ve been working all day on reading and taking notes on articles, and I’m still not sure how exactly to go about structuring the paper… or even what exactly the paper is going to say. I don’t really believe in my own thesis any more, but it’s too late in the game to change much. :(

I just heard a veeeery long roll of thunder – that probably means we’rein for a power outage, and I should finish this so that it’s safe on the’net when my airport goes down. Back to work, I guess!

Er, except I guess not – with wind gusts up to 48 mph predicted, and alow in the low 40’s, I had to abandon study to go squelch around out inthe pouring rain to bring all my (wet and muddy) plants inside, wherethey will languish ’til Monday. The tomatoes look frostbitten, but theymay yet survive.

My little ghetto plastic greenhouse looked about to explode with windno matter how many rocks I piled on top of the edges – we’ll see if itsurvives the night. My coat and gloves are now hanging in the corner,dripping and unrecognizeable under their new mud skin.

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