Tomato chili


I know it’s two weeks until the last frost date, but I put all myseedlings out to harden off anyway. They were more than a foot tall andgetting starved for light. This way, even if I have to bring them inagain, at least they will have gotten a few good days of honest,nutritive sunlight.

I built them a little plastic pyramidal greenhouse against asouth-facing wall (the sunniest in any garden, for all you non-gardeninggurus) and am just praying that the temperatures don’t drop below 40 andkill all the results of my two-and-a-half months of work. If thetemperatures do drop (which I’m assuming they will, since one shouldn’treally plant until two weeks after the last frost date anyway, since italmost always frosts at least once afterwards just to spite eagergardeners), I really, really don’t feel like lugging all thosemillion-and-one containers inside again, only to put them outagainthe next morning… -sigh- Honestly, sometimes plants are asmuch of a pain as they are a pleasure.

But it was kind of fun to watch thisafternoon’s thunderstorms bang, slosh, swoosh and shower against the clearwalls with no effect on the little plants inside. I felt omnipotent.-grin-

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