$40 worth of fun

As I wrote on my garden page, Iwent to Walmart yesterday (argh) to get a Festiva Maxima peony and endedup with $40 worth of everything but. Four hosta, four mixeddaylilies, four bearded iris, 25 lily-of-the-valley, 24 siberian irises,and three bleeding hearts.

It was raining cats and dogs yesterday – and was miserably cold – so Icouldn’t actually plant any of them. I did that today, though: it tookme about three hours but they’re all in the ground. I’m a little worriedabout whether or not the bearded irises are actually alive ornot, seeing how dry and withered they were. But the rest of the stuff isactually already growing … there were little noses already forming onthe lily-of-the-valley, hostas, and irises, and even a few leaves on thedaylilies. So hopefully in about two weeks we’ll have some mad foliageworking its way out of the ground.

I also got some spray that’s supposed to keep away the squirrels, who had been digging up my bulbs – and eating them, I guess. I forgot to spray it in the front, but I got everything in the back, and hopefully the next squirrel to sink its rodent teeth into one of my irises will get a mouthful of a combination of nuclear hot chili acid and the taste of my wrath. >:)

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