More hidden history

Someone has taken these chairs apart before. I don’t know why I never noticed it till now, but look:

Two of the chair back uprights are on upside-down. The two on the left. See?

I think this actually helps explain why the chair back horizontals on those two in particular are so badly cracked. The bottoms of the uprights are a wide, shallow curve, whereas the top has a deeper, shorter curve to it. Since the uprights are made to slot into a matching groove in the horizontals, it means that long ago a curve that didn’t fit was forced into a slot too small for it, putting pressure all along the edges of the groove. I’m actually surprised the uprights didn’t split vertically down the middle.

This one in particular is cracked in three places and is barely holding together. It must be lifted only from its base.

After this little repair oversight caused the backs to crack apart, someone attempted to piece them both back together by nailing them repeatedly from the front. Both of these chairs are riddled with nail holes on either side. On this one, the nearest crack is also filled with old black glue which will have to be scraped out. I think I can repair these regardless – the nail holes in particular will be easy to hide. But it still makes me sad.

I’m just thankful that these repairs aren’t harder. It could be worse – the chairs could very well have been missing whole pieces. I’d rather have to scrape, sand, and fill original pieces than have to try to fashion a new piece from scratch. (Like the two replacement chair seat frames, which I’m totally procrastinating on because trying to make them so they fit perfectly fills me with dread).

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. I would not have noticed that, nor figured out what was the true UP and down.
    you are so great.

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