Hurry hurry hurry!

Well there’s not a lot of time to write because Josh and I are about to head out the door – we’re going to Harper’s Ferry! Gonna get our hike on and then walk around the historic town… should be just awesome! That’s why I love this area – so much to do. Even if we rarely do it. -grin-

I’m just excited and wanted to write because I went out back to check on my two dogwoods – my gimpy little 1-foot-tall one looks like it’s just straining to produce some leaves (good thing too, when I thought I’d killed it -laugh-. Well, let’s not count our chickens before they’re hatched – it still might decide to give up the ghost). And the other dogwood, the 6-foot-tall one we bought from Behnke’s, has one teeny little bud on it (we assume the others got jostled off during shipping – anyway it’s better this way so the tree spends more energy on establishing its roots than on blooming). And that bud is just barely opening! You can look into it from the top and see all the little flower stamens and the tip of one petal! I’m so excited!

My paperwhites are poking up – actually all my bulbs are just about 3-4inches above the earth. Everyone else’s daffodils are blooming already,so we’re gonna start getting our color when the flowers in everyoneelse’s yards have already died! (apparently the first year, bulbs justtake a very long time to start growing).Everyone else just planted generic yellow daffodils all in a line, but I planted a great clump of all different kindsof daffodils, and dutch irises, and grape hyacinths, and “daydream”tulips (start lemon yellow, change gradually to purple-red). We’re gonnahave so much color – I just can’t wait! Now if it would all only just hurry up a bit!

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