Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I have a really hard time making decisions. An embarrassingly difficult time. At home when there’s a decision pending, I make lists and spreadsheets and tables and ask advice from my friends and do research on the possibilities; in a store I dither and dawdle and think over all the possible scenarios and take as long as I possibly can until it just gets too excruciating and and the store owner is rolling their eyes at me and I have to pick one of whatever it is and run.

So it shouldn’t surprise me at all that a “quick trip to Joann’s” (I had a coupon from a friend) to pick out the chair upholstery just turned into a mire of sucking indecision spiraling into hours of wasted time. Grumpy and starving, I returned home hours later with a cranky, hungry, overtired baby awake after her bedtime, with nothing but four swatches of fabric possibilities to show for my troubles, and zero resolution.

Well what did I expect? I don’t really have any color in mind except “bold” – the dining room paint is going to be inspired from whatever upholstery I end up with. I don’t have a period, decor, or style in mind. I like fuzzy fabrics, canvas, and silky brocades. How could I have been so naive as to think I’d walk in and immediately just find “the One”? Sigh.

Well, at least I did learn one important thing from bringing home swatches. My coveted bright red seat cushions are not to be – with our orangey floors and yellow light, red just looks awful in the dining room. So the fabric will be blue or green. (Actually I’d wanted plum but again, the light is terrible and it just looks black. Which is unappetizing.)

I will have to return tomorrow (there is another sale) with reluctant husband in tow to assist in decision-making. In the mean time, I’ve been browsing upholstery fabrics online and have assembled a palette of those that I find promising. Though none of them is quite right.

I guess I like apple green, huh? -laugh-

I want something retro yet mod, like an old-time pattern made new and bold; not too cluttered and not too sparse; and I’m tired of polite neutrals, I want something with contrast and crisp lines that will pop. Something… young. Moderately hip. And somewhat irreverent.

And yet I’d also like the fabric to have some deference for the age of the chairs it will grace. Is that even possible?

I like the old brocade/lacey looks and could go kind of baroque in design from there; but I also really like country farmhouse style and would very much enjoy going that route instead. I can’t really see those intricate designs above looking anything but out-of-place in a countrified room.

I dunno, maybe I’m overthinking it. It’s not like recovering a chair cushion is difficult, anyway – this certainly won’t be the last look they ever have, so it’s really not the end of the world if I end up not being happy with what I choose. But I’ve put so much work into them already – and I have soooo much still ahead of me – that I really want to LOVE these chairs when I’m done with them.


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  1. Aunt Nancy Says:

    Hi Diana, Have you looked on-line at Fashion Fabrics. Com? That is a place that I have bought some BEAUTIFUL linen from a few times. Not that it’s going to help you NARROW your decisions, but at least you can sit and look in the comfort of your own home. :) I found some that I thought was pretty, but sorry, can’t guess your opinion. Also, did you look on-line at JoAnn Fabrics? They had a coupon in today’s paper. If you enter coupon code NFSE105, you can get 50% off one item. (which one cut of fabric is considered one item if you get one yard or 50 as long as it’s one piece, it’s considered one item. :) They had a couple of pieces that I thought looked nice, one was by Waverly and it was called “In the Garden Summer Splendor”. It looks like it has some green ferns and some lavender/purple flowers scattered. Oh, and as a helpful hint. You might want to avoid something with a definite stripe or lines if this is your first attempt at upholstery, you’ll have to be EXTRA careful to get the lines straight, it might be easier to do some kind of an all-over print. I am impressed with all the work you’re doing on these chairs. If you want some more practice, I’m pretty sure I have some chairs in my garage . . . :) I definitely have a rocker that needs to be re-upholstered, but I haven’t wanted to tackle doing it yet. I bought it knowing I had to re-upholster it, but it’s just sitting in my sewing room with sewing projects piled in it. :)

  2. diana Says:

    I will look them up! Thanks Nancy!

  3. Rose Says:

    Not to be completely annoying, but what about brown leather?

  4. diana Says:

    Because I want my house to be full of color and exciting design. To me brown leather says “respectable” and “acceptable” and “expected” than “hip” and “updated” and “fun”.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    What about blues–turquise or royal. What about Guatemalan materials???
    maybe not even in the exact same weave or pattern?
    check out Robert Kauffman’s designer Priscilla Bianchi fabrics for semi Guatemalan fabrics in 100% cotton.
    this site will give you an overview of what she has. unfortunately, these are fabric “packets” not off the bolt stuff.
    some are pretty. how about a variety of colors to satisfy your pallette–then you can color the room ANY of the above…

  6. Anonymous Says:

    here’s another link:
    there are other patterns in the marthasquiltingcorner site.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    if you did each chair in a different fabric with a theme such as guatemalan textiles, if one seat wore out you would not have to replace all of the seats’
    fabric and have to search again and worry about matching.

  8. diana Says:

    That’s a good point, but these poor chairs have been mismatched and mixed up their whole lives, so I really want to do a single, cohesive job and have a beautiful set of all-matching chairs. I’m not looking for the Guatemalan rainbow … I want clearly delineated lines and a strong, simple pattern with just one or two colors. Those were neat links you sent, though – I didn’t know people sold them online!

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