Purple Grevy

So I don’t know why they named it “PresidentGrevy”, but we bought it… big double blooms, that blue-lilaccolor, and one of the most fragrant lilacs available! Of course one day it’ll bealso 12′ high and 10′ wide… but we’ll just let the next homeownersworry about that. >:)

I’ve been doing nothing but puttering in my garden lately, seeing asit’s just two weeks till the last frost date, and everything is beingdamn slow to start growing. I watered the bulbs to see if it’dmake them grow faster, but … oh well. It looks like everything’ssurvived the winter, at least: even my crocosmia seems to have doubledin number and are poking up their nubbins, when I thought I’d killedthem by not lifting them in the fall! Also Josh seems to be getting alot more interested in garden stuff – he came with me to the home andgarden show in downtown DC (total bummer – there were like three samplegardens and the rest was cheapo gadgets) and then was completely happyto spend the rest of the day with me in Behnke’s nursery (where we got a$many coupon for buying more than $100, w00t!).

Well, I feel like I’m becoming boring for not talking about anything butgarden stuff, but besides the papers I’m trying to avoid there’s reallynot much else. I’m trying to finish writing my medieval paper – er,start, actually – during spring break, and write a thesis for the 19thcentury one. It seems that all my papers are going to be about languagethis semester.

For my medieval paper I’m planning on studying how despite thesupposedly pro-feminine messages of works such as Cárcel deamor and Grisel y Mirabella, women’s words (their actionstoo, as these are inevitably “read” by their male counterparts as iftheir bodies were a text in themselves) lead to a social chaosremediable only through violence and finally death. The interesting partis that it doesn’t seem to matter what the women actually say -it is the very act of speaking which leads to this violence. I’minterested in the way that in women’s mouths the Word aquires a symbolicdimension which leads unremittingly towards death.

My 19th century paper is also going to be about the Word, but I’m going to examine its manifestations in the works of Ricardo Palma. I’d tell you more but 1) I know you don’t really care, and 2) I have to go watch SNL. -grin-

And oh yeah, something else new: I discovered I like White Russians whenwe went to a restaurant and not only did they accidentally make it in awater glass roughly twice the size of the glass it should have come in, but also entirely with heavy cream! Heh. I love newbie bartenders.

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