C is for Cookie and O is for Obsessive

Make a bake sale sign? Sure, I can do that. But be warned: this is what you get when you give me free reign to get obsessive. With a chance to get creative and show off. That little Type A part of me just gets thrilled and frantic with the need to whip up The Best Bake Sale Sign There Ever Was, Ever.

A markered posterboard would have been just fine. But no, I had to go make a permanent sign. With three coats of primer. And a hinged set of mitered, folding legs on the back, so it is self-supporting but folds flat for storage. (I meant to put a handle on the back to help carrying, and a latch to hold the legs in place while it’s flat so they don’t swing out, but I suppose that will have to wait).

Luckily, moms are pretty used to praising fragile little egos for small accomplishments, and they were very pleasant as I pointed out all the bits I was proud of. Look how I made it so it can’t swing out past a certain point and holds itself upright! And did you see the hinges? And look, the bottoms of the supports are also mitered so they sit flat on the ground! Oh the cleverness of me!

They patted my head and smiled a lot and were very nice and let me have a cookie.

I perused Urban Fonts‘ Retro category for some fonts that would lend themselves to a sort of neo-fifties look and copied them freehand. At first it was fun… then it was just tedious. So I kind of gave up on the bottom line. Maybe I’ll redo it next time.

I had thought that all the pencil marks would simply wipe off with alcohol when I was done. I got everything perfect and then took a few good broad swipes. Unfortunately…. does not happen. What it did do was enthusiastically smear the paint, all of it, all to hell. So that I had to repaint everything, inside the letters and out, even the white parts. And that was fun. So let me tell you how I never again want to spend another six hours on a Friday night hunched over a table breathing paint fumes. I think I’m nearsighted now.

Still… it came out pretty good. So I’m thinking about next year,maybe making lollipop-type signs (circles raised up on spokes or springs) with prices on them.

I never learn.

5 Responses to “C is for Cookie and O is for Obsessive”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    really nifty sign!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    really nifty sign! what was the bake sale for???

  3. Aaron M Says:

    What the hell is that apostrophe doing there?

  4. diana Says:

    I don’t know, it’s part of the title. :(

  5. diana Says:

    Ah, no, it’s not. I’m just dumb, then – or maybe I can blame it on the paint fumes. 😛

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