I broked it!

Broke ground, that is. I had forgotten what honestly hard WORK that is. I meant to get the entire garden broken and tilled … ha ha… I only managed to get the northwest quadrant done in like five hours of work. Of course I’m still getting over a horrible lung-racking cold I’ve had for two weeks, so that might account for my exaggerated weakness, but…. this is going to be a slightly more arduous process than I had previously thought.

Also, the garden looks raped.

Dirt, dirt, everywhere, and not a plant in sight… I went to the nursery for edging and came back with about $40 in bulbs I hadn’t meant to get. -sigh- There are still 2-4 weeks left till the last frost, and with the weather we’ve been having it’s going to come later rather than sooner. Almost all my plants have germinated (except my hostas and marigolds – I just gave up on them basically) and will be ready to plant fairly soon. Now if only I had a place to put them… -laugh-

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