I got my bareroot dogwood from Michigan Bulb today. Poor little thing, it’s actually bigger than I thought it’d be, and looks healthy enough (I think), but it’s just such a skinny little twig with a bunch of roots on the bottom, it looks so sad.

I’ve got it soaking in 1/2 water 1/2 potting soil right now, and it’ll stay there for at least three days. Hopefully we can get some root stimulator for it soon. I don’t have the garden beds even broken up yet, though, because of the snowstorm… and oh, yeah, the fact that I was in New Orleans running a marathon this weekend. -laugh- So I’ll have to plant it in a container, to wait until I’m ready for it. This Saturday I’m going to try hard to get at least that one bed tilled and amended, even if I have to shovel the snow off the ground first. :)

My seedlings are doing so well! All my strawberries have sprouted, and 7 of my 13 salvias. My mint has also finally germinated, as have two of the larkspur (I was worried about them). I’ve repotted the two cilantro peat pellets into small pots, because they were getting too big. My tomatoes have started as well, every single seed of them. Which means I’ll have to kill two in each peat pellet. :( So far no word from the rainlilies, hostas, or marigolds. Sucks that I have to wait so long just to find out if they’re even viable or not. But people have told me that hostas can take up to a month to germinate – and I’m just not sure about the rainlily seeds anyway.

I’m really excited about a gardening forum that I found on GardenWeb – the trade and exchange forum. It’s amazing – I put up all the seeds that I had available for trade, and in return I’m already going to get a lilac, some morning glory, some daylilies, some false indigo, etc etc etc… saving me big bucks, actually! Right now I’m working on printing out seed packet templates with which to send my own seeds tomorrow!

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