We did it!!!

On Sunday, in New Orleans, I ran the full 26.2 miles of the MardiGras Marathon. But I couldn’t have done it without you – with yourhelp, I raised nearly $3,000 for AIDS research and outreach.

My injury wasn’t completely healed, I guess, and really flared up duringthe run. I was badly tempted to turn in at the half-marathon point, butI somehow kept going and then got my second wind… and my third… andmy fourth… I made it to the finish line at 6 hours 40 minutes,about 20-30 minutes faster than I’d thought I would be. And of coursenow I’m suffering – you should see me hobble around (grin) – but itfeels so good to have done something that most have never attempted, andto have been able to contribute my time and body to such a worthy cause.

In any case, I maintain I actually ran 27.2 miles rather than26.2, because they made us walk the 1 mile from our hotel to theSuperdome starting point. -laugh-

Photos should be up shortly!

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