It’s starting!

Today I paid Karen Upton and her son $150 to take out the enormousjunipers in front of our house. For those of you who don’t remember (ornever saw them in the first place) here’s a link. The were just too big for where they’d been put – not to mentionunhealthy and starving the rest of the bed of light. So those are gone – pictures tomorrow, hopefully. We planted a sky pencil holly, a dwarf nandina, and a daphne odora in their place – along with someextra paperwhite bulbs.

And in the back yard I broke ground for the first time (without taking pictures first, argh!). See my plan here! (it’s hard to read, sorry – it’s drawn on a sheet of tracing paper over a pad of graph paper, so I can get dimensions n’ stuff correct). Didn’t scan too well.

This afternoon I started work on the hardscaping part. We won’t have money untilnext summer to build the actual patio and grape arbor, but the wholelower left quadrant has to be built up behind a retaining wall becauseof the way the lawn slopes; eventually we’re going to have to level outthe patio area too, which means either excavating out the part closestto the house, or raising the lower part – eeps. Well, I don’t have tothink about that till next summer! -grin- Today all I did was stackconcrete blocks. I got myself a mattock to break the sod with – man do Ifeel like a badass wielding that thing. I must have worked off atleast half the chili dog I had for lunch. -laugh- It looks reallygood! Even though the yard is totally torn up now. Again, picturestomorrow.

It was bitter cold outside – my hands got painful just being glovelessfor a couple minutes, and it’s taken me about an hour to thaw outcompletely. But I have to start this early because most of my perennialsshould be in by the time I’m ready to plant my annuals. And since I onlyhave Saturdays free, that means I have four -five days to get it allready, if I’m planning on planting on the weekend of April 2nd. I have to mark the areas off, delineate them with plastic borders (they’ll be buried eventually but will help keep the grass out of the beds), tear up the grass, fill the beds with compost, and beat the hell out of them with the tiller I’m gonna rent. Sounds like fun to me. 😉

In fact, ashamed as I am of the fact that I have no pictures to sharetoday, I’m gonna start another “grow garden grow”webpage so all and sundry can share in the transformation of my newhouse and marvel at my amazing ability to procrastinate doing actualwork. -grin-

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