Upcycle for cuteness

Latest project: the rehabilitation of an unfortunate piece of fashion disaster that was on its way to the landfill. It had a back laced with seam-binding tape, a long exposed metal front zipper, bra-styled bustier cups, grommeted (!) shoulder straps, and some sort of strange hip-cupping thing that looked like two extra, misplaced bra cups. Oh, and a dropped waist and a long, tiered, ruffled skirt. It must have been an 80s mishap. But a friend of mine had given it to me (she’d gotten it for free off someone else, and so on) with the hope that I could recycle it to some good use; and that, my friends, sounded like a challenge.

So while it took me a while to get to it, when I did I savagely chopped it up. That thang was headed for rehab.

As I often do, because my pocketbook is not equal to my enthusiasm for darling handmade children’s clothes, I perused Janie & Jack’s website for inspiration. (If you have money, and a child, it is the only place you should shop. Ever.) I liked the trimmed wrap-over top on this dress and decided to make one in a similar style.

Guess I should have made matching bloomers too, huh?

She’s practicing for her next Anthropologie shooting session.

I had to sew the durn thing – except the back shirring and the hem – entirely by hand the old-fashioned way, since we had company in the sewing room for about 4 weeks (with the futon laid out there’s barely room to stand, much less bring in a chair). But it’s not like it was a difficult pattern or anything – I just figured out how wide and tall to make the top, made that rectangle into two overlapping triangles, and gathered up the existing skirt. Heck, I even used the existing shoulder straps (minus the grommets!).

But hey, I think she likes it. :)

5 Responses to “Upcycle for cuteness”

  1. Erin Says:

    Ah old is new, you did a wonderful job! I’m glad you could use the fabric from the dress, it was not as dated as the the style, lol.

  2. Ann Says:

    OO Diana! I don’t know which to ooh and ahh over more—Sofia or the dress. Both are crazy-cute!!!!!!!

  3. Aunt Nancy Says:

    ADORABLE!!!!! The dress is too. :) Always glad to see pictures of your many projects!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    So cute. you did a great job in spite of the inlaws inhabiting the sewing room.
    sofia is just too fantastic a model.

  5. me Says:

    Hey Diana, that first photo is a winner!
    And the dress is outstanding.
    Your photo of the hortaliza could be much better… go back and stand at the furthest end of the mound towards the neighbors’ house. That’s the highest. You probably should get a better view of your volute.

    I am glad Dave helped you finish up the chips. Now, you better get going on the planting before it gets too hot!!!

    Crummy news for me… the doctor (rheumatologist) just forbade me to do any physical work involving my arms and shoulders, even carrying books! I’ll follow the regime for three months to see if he is right. But it sure puts a damper on me doing any thing. I want you to leave Josh and come back to live with us and be my slave. Please let me know when you will arrive.

    Your loving papa

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