Narcissism? Or just an indication that we’re treating her right?

SofĂ­a often talks to and about herself in the third person. Usually it’s things like “You are hungry! You wanna thwee animal cwackers!” But lately she’s been awfully sweet to herself. Josh and I just heard her talking in her room after we had put her to bed:

“Go to sleep, little darling! Sweet dreams, little sweetheart!”

(No, she wasn’t repeating things that we had just said). I love how she simply accepts our nicknames for herself without a hint of skepticism. If we call her our little darling, then well, it must be true! (And of course, she’s right!)

2 Responses to “Narcissism? Or just an indication that we’re treating her right?”

  1. Lindsay McFadden Says:

    Love it!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    she is so adorable. and so smart– and yes, she is a sweetheart.called her that myself too.

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