A new curtain

Our latest epic trip to IKEA was fruitful indeed. I got two stands of shelving for the basement – one fat one for tools, and one slimmer one for my ever-expanding collection of canning jars. I got lots of home organization stuff, like an iron-holder that I’m going to bolt on to the side of my bookshelf where we keep the ironing board, and some metal arches to keep my baking sheets from falling down. I also snagged one of their $2 stuff-your-used-grocery-sacks-in-here tubes (about 2′ high, 8″ diameter) and tucked it in the closet as a wrapping-paper-roll holder.

Then as we walked by the fabric section, Josh noticed some fabric that was on 50% off sale for $4 per yard. Since I’d already been meaning to redo the dining room and den curtains for a really long time – they’re terribly old, stained, and torn – we went ahead and got a whole bunch.

You can’t tell because of the light shining through it, but this curtain is made of some thoroughly synthetic slubbed shiny fabric. I hated it. Can you see how the lining hangs down a good 6″ lower than the curtain itself? That’s my fault – I washed all the curtains when we moved in (they were coated with dust). The directions said to dry clean it, but there’s no way I was going to pay for dry cleaning a bunch of curtains that I was preparing to throw away (well, recycle as painting dropcloths) soon enough anyway. I figured I’d take my chances, and…. it was a small price to pay for a clean curtain, but I’m glad to have it gone now.

When we got to checkout, we found out that the Ikea fabric was even more on sale – for only $2/yard! So we got a brand new curtain for $10.

It’s not gorgeous, and I had really wanted linen. But it’s a nice compromise, because linen is expensive and I don’t want to spend for 6 yards of it until I know for sure what the colors the kitchen will be. So for $10 and 3 hours of time I get a new, non-shiny curtain that actually reaches the floor!

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