Never sicker.

Holeeee Moleee. I have never been sicker in my life. I’ve been flat on my back for the last two days. Sleeping mostly, except for infrequent and painfully memorable episodes of wakefulness.

Those of you who are squeamish should probably stop right here. That probably means you, Dave. :)

What started as an endoscopy/tummy biopsy to see why my stomach’s been acting funny lately got complicated by (we believe) some food poisoning. At least we think it’s food poisoning and not just a reaction to the sedative because Josh also had a little sick time of his own. It just strikes me as totally unfair that I had to go through all that food/drink deprivation for 12 hours before the endoscopy and then I get a single treat, my first food in 12 hours, a tiny milkshake, and of course it goes and gives me food poisoning so that I also can’t eat for the next 48.

So I spent all yesterday and last night clenching my throbbing, screaming head in my hands, hunched over the porcelain throne vomiting blood, y’all. If that ain’t scary, I don’t know what is. I was kinda freaking out – as much as my zombie-brained-food-deprived-drugged corpse of a body could be freaking out – and kind of yelled/mumbled/slurred at Josh to call the Doctor. The Doctor gave us two anti-nausea meds, one of which worked (and guess which one we tried first) and did not, I was amazed, instruct us to get Emergency-Room-wards. Really? I mean, I had always thought vomiting blood was kind of one of those plague symptoms, you know, a certain sign of impending death? I guess not, since no one really seemed that concerned. Either it’s not that serious, or I need some new friends.

In any case, as you can tell by my writing this, I’m feeling better, if not entirely up to snuff. I’ve had a few crackers and some nice bland dumplings today; no puking, though this thrice-blessed (gotta find some word to sub for the d-word now that my daughter is repeating everything that comes out of my mouth) piercing throbbing headache won’t go away… add to that that I’m not allowed to take anything but Tylenol, which doesn’t do anything. That’s why it’s safe to take, the Nurse told me. Oh. Sigh.

One good thing. These past 48 hours have gotta have been great for my Weight Watchers, ya know? I mean, I must get to eat like ten cheeseburgers tomorrow. (Ugh – gulp – maybe by tomorrow I’ll even find that thought appealing.)

3 Responses to “Never sicker.”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    oh, dianita, you poor thing! wish I was there to help–no don’t blanch.
    blood–not good. did your doctor Josh called know about the endoscopy prior to the purging?
    Iam hoping that the headache may be due to no caloric intake and that eating something more may lessen it to nada.It sounds awful.
    hope you are back to normal tomorrow.

  2. Erin Says:

    Oh honey I’m sorry you are feeling like CR@P! I have had my own stomach issues lately, I feel your pain. Feel better!

  3. Rose Says:

    Well, I know a thing or two about vomiting. It is awful and I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad. HUG

    However, the vomiting blood thing? Not such a big deal since you had been vomiting for a long time already and had just had an endoscopy. Check this article out. You can see from the article that there are indeed non-scary reasons for blood while vomiting. And yeah, I’ve been there, so I know it is horrible.

    What were the anti-emetics you got? I am just curious. Zofran is pretty much the only one that works for me…but then that’s me on chemo, not being sick…

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