Another day, another step towards wellness. I’m almost completely back to normal – thanks so much for the well wishes. Kisses!

Only a couple spells of dizziness today, which I counted as a “Hurrah! Thou Shalt Live One More Day! Now Get Back To Work!” from God. So today I spent SofĂ­a’s nap pulling ivy, yanking out entrenched honeysuckle, trying to get flung dirt back out of my eyeballs, and hauling wheelbarrows of wet compost up and down hills (whew! A few days off the horse can really sap your strength – I’m once again back in Wee Girl territory).

At the end of the day, this:

(Oh, if only I’d taken a closeup of those matted ivy vines so you could really appreciate the hopeless entanglement that years upon years of intertwining neglect had wrought)

… had been reduced to this:

My plan is to make the area around the pool into a flower/herb/frivolously gorgeous garden. It’s really a very small area to garden, the above bed being by far the largest – but that’s a good thing. See, I’ve got a pretty darn big hobby farm out back chewing up all my free time; but that doesn’t lessen my need to relax – when I get to relax – in a beautifully blooming space. I’ve already got my hugely satisfying pragmatic garden, but I still need my private little facetious aesthetic fix.

This is the small, well-defined space that I can fill with all the stupidly decorative, useless plants I need and adore. I’m going to just cram it with hollyhocks and sweet peas and gardenias and phlox and dahlias and lavender, and it will still be small enough not to become a burden. (At least until I start over-engineering, which is inevitable, but ah well. I’m already having visions of rose-smothered trellises over the three gates, and a grape-covered arbor over the entire seating area.) And then I won’t have to worry about trying to make the rest of our oversize property beautiful – just presentable. Just this little tiny space will be my own; eventually it will overflow with life, color, and fragrance. Eventually.

It’s also right next to the sunporch, so we can see it (and smell it!) while chilling al fresco; and it’s right off the kitchen which is very convenient for fresh herb gathering.

But more plans tomorrow; for now I need a backrub.

One Response to “Prettifyin’”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    you rock! just don’t overdo it and end up face down in the compost…
    wish I could give you the backrub and the ben-gay for your poor hands…
    it looks really good without the ivy jungle.

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