Knobby bits

I’m really excited, because I’ve just started this month working with glass in my pottery. Because my madd skillz have improved a tremendous amount (maybe because I didn’t practice last year? Wait, that can’t be right) and I feel more comfortable with my ability to produce basic shapes, I’m experimenting with more detail in my work.
But what’s super exciting to me right now is actually glass in the multitude of possibilities that it offers. I’ve been melting it into the knobs of my pot lids, and have gotten some beautiful crackled, translucent results. Very striking and unusual! And I also met the sweetest lampworker, Ann Clough – in case you don’tknow, lampworkers melt glass over an open torch flame to make beads andany other thing you could want ( – and she agreed to make mesome teapot knobs. I made a porcelain teapot specifically so that Icould cover it with this beautiful dark blue-green transparent glaze. She made a knob – a ball of the same color green encased inclear – to match it. It is quite possibly the best-looking thing I’veever made! So much so that I can’t bear to give it away or even to sellit. So I’ll have a picture of that one soon, I took some yesterday buthave yet to download them. It turned out so well that I’m sure to makesome more sometime. Perhaps in January, since I have the month off…YAY!!!

Because this semester has been so very successful for me in the pottery realm, I’m considering more and more seriously becoming a full-time potter after grad school. I am also really interested in starting a gallery – I know the perfect place but just don’t have the cash for it right now. I’d like to have a gallery with lots of people’s stuff and my own studio in the back…. or maybe a coop situation where a certain percentage goes to the studio and its general supplies, electricity, etc., and the rest was profit for the artists – maybe at the end of the year the stuff that doesn’t get used goes back to the artists! That’d be kind of a nice difference from the usual rapacious gallery contract you get. Something like that, anyway.

Well, things to think about… but while I’m in grad school the rest of the world must be put on hold. Especially this blog! Back to papers for me. :/

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