Other little confections

As threatened promised, here are the other dresses that I just submitted to the ArtSpring boutique in Silver Spring. Almost all of them were the wrap-over halter top style that I adore …. because, well, I just can’t get enough! The backs are shirred with elastic thread so they ought to fit any size from about two to four years – providing that you add shorts at some point as the child grows upwards, of course.

Self-interested note: If you love these and gotta have ’em, let me know in the comments. You can buy them direct from me or from ArtSpring. Or I can make more; if it’s any of the first four that you like (Cupcakes, Lemonade, Americana, or July Fourth), I believe that fabric is still in stock, and #5 (Cherries) and #6 (Summertime) might be as well.


“Lemonade”: This picture doesn’t do it justice; this is my favorite fabric combination and it came out with an extra-big poofy skirt. I came this close to saving this one for SofĂ­a!

“Americana” and “July Fourth”: These would be so great for little twin girls!

“Cherries”: (I have a big-dot pocket – with a ruffled top! Whee! – yet to put on this one. And also a long waistband that ties in the back with a bow! I love how the ruffled bodice ribbons came out.)


“Salsa” apron:

I finished one more bonnet out of the last of my green linen scraps:

“Twilight”: I made my own gathered-yoke-dress pattern for this one; it was pretty fun. I’m very happy with the double-button detail. The picture makes it look very square, though, which it isn’t!

I am giving some serious thought to making/buying a child dummy. One that doesn’t squirm.

And lastly: “Farmer’s Market”. My other favorite. Except – gasp, groan – Josh photographed this one backwards! I had really wanted a picture of the detailed front on this one because I worked extra hard on it, so I’m sad I can’t share that with you. It has two little green buttons on the front, plus green rickrack tucked under the top of the front bodice. But at least you can see the materials, and the little pleats that were identical front and back.

I’m particularly proud that none of these dresses has an exposed seam; everything is either tucked behind seam binding (which has to be secured by hand!) or French-seamed, or (like the pink ruffle above, and the waistband on the apron) double-sided, so the raw seam edges are actually tucked inside, and the clothing ends up being double-sided. The hems are blind-stitched, which you don’t often see in children’s clothing – besides being a more elegant, invisible way to finish a garment, it adds a potential 1 to 1 1/2″ to the hem length if you were to take it out eventually as your baby grew. We’re talking quality construction, man! It’s really nice to be able to take your time on stuff and do it right.

I love all the little details I was able to include in these and I had a real blast making them. I think next time I hit Joann’s for a kid’s project (tutus are next on the to-make list!) I’m going to stop by their remnants bins on the way out to see if I can find any darling matching bits to add an extra matching belt, ruffle, tuck, or band somewhere. I’m also going to stock up on buttons and big rick-rack – I’ve discovered I just love ’em!

2 Responses to “Other little confections”

  1. Rose Says:

    Any circle skirts in the pipeline? My mom made me a couple of them when I was little and OH! how I loved them. :) I still remember the fabric. :mrgreen:

  2. diana Says:

    Oh definitely, if I can get enough fabric together – this was more of a serendipitous-purge kind of effort. -grin- My last dress of the bunch is hard: I have matching fabric enough for HALF a dress in each color. So I want to make ruffles and alternate them like a layer cake and put it all together to get a WHOLE dress. -laugh- I’m even thinking of spiraling the ruffles. Wish me luck!

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