Last night I finally got a bunch of bulbs into the ground – about 50 or 60 of them. I just can’t wait till the spring now: I mixed the daffodils in with blue grape hyacinths, blue-shaded Dutch irises and orangey-yellow Daydream tulips. I even bought myself 3 Madonna lilies and planted them near the kitchen windows… I’m looking foward to opening the windows during warm summer nights and having the house fill with that smooth, velvety scent.

Life has been very very good to me recently – not only do I have the best husband in the world, but he got a huge raise. My classes are going well despite the fact that I have yet to start my final papers. And several stained glass companies are sending me (free of charge!) a bunch of samples of glass frit and powder so that I may try using them on my pottery. I’m so very excited that I’ll probably spend all day in the pottery studio tomorrow. I plan to melt the frit in designs on the outsides of the pots, or onto the tops of wide, shallow knobs. I’ve only seen one example of this before – not a lot of people do it, apparently, and I’m hoping to make it my sort of “signature” thing. I’ll post pictures when I’ve fired some – I hope hope hope it works well!

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