Dining room update

Posting those hydrangea bouquet pics reminded me that I never did post an update on the dining room chair fabric I chose, or the way the dining room turned out. I tell ya, when you’re juggling as many projects as I always am, before and after pics kind of get forgotten in all the frantic get-her-done-ness. And gosh, it’s been like a month now already! But better late than never, right?

Here is the fabric I chose for the chairs, and our new placemats. Funny story: I saw this fabric at the beginning of February when I went fabric shopping with a friend, and liked it so much that I wanted to get some right away “just in case” I had a project down the road. It was this fabric I was looking for when it was time to make SofĂ­a’s canopy – but I had to get the other stuff because this pattern was nowhere to be found. I assumed they’d been sold out. So it was only on my third trip to Joann’s that I happened to enter the store via a slightly different route, and it caught my eye from aisles away because someone had moved a whole bundle of canvas to the “seasonal” department, along with the flip-flops and Easter eggs, and not put up any signs or notified the employees in the outdoor dec. fabric section.

I bought everything that was left on the bolt – only about 2 yards by that time. I think that will be enough for all 8 chairs, though I have only finished three by now. Well, three and a half – one more is done but still un-stained-and-oiled.

5 Responses to “Dining room update”

  1. debbie swickard Says:

    Oh my goodness! The chairs are GORGEOUS!! Mom and grandma would be so pleased to see how you’ve given them such a beautiful new life! Love the fabric you chose. It is so bright and fresh! And it is absolutely lovely with the placemants, the wall color, and the pottery. You have done the most remarkable job pulling everything together like you have. Girl, you amaze me! You ROCK!!!

  2. diana Says:

    Awwwww…. -BLUSH-

    By the way, I used your sugar-cookie recipe the other day for an order I had for a few dozen birthday cupcakes. I made little dinosaurs for on top of the cupcakes. They were a HUGE hit – mom said her little boy ran around stealing everyone’s dinosaur because he loved them so much! And we had a couple extra dozen here too…. which Josh ate all in ONE night! So thank you!!!

  3. debbie swickard Says:

    Oh! I just noticed the pineapple on the side of the chair’s seatcover. How very appropriate. The pineapple has long been a symbol of “welcome” in the home, and I believe it was often incorporated into wallpaper, upholstery, and curtain fabric designs during the timeframe that these chairs were first constructed. How delightfully appropriate that your choice of fabric remains surprisingly loyal to the history of the chairs. I didn’t catch that at first. My immediate thought was what a beautiful NEW (i.e., modern) design print. Just goes to show that it pays to pay close attention to things!!!

  4. diana Says:

    Oh how cool – that makes me very happy to hear!

  5. debbie swickard Says:

    You’re most welcome, lovely lady!

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