Fourteen miles!<p>

I never thought I could do it – in fact, the thought never crossed my mind in the first place. It’s amazing to me that now I have actually run an entire 14 miles.

It was probably the hardest run so far – my knees were killing me and I was just plain exhausted (probably because I didn’t have time to do my second maintenance run during the week). I had three gel packs during the run and they were actually all good – the Gu chocolate, of course, and the PowerGel raspberry cream and the Gu orange. And I probably drank about a gallon of water… but somehow I made it through.

I was also super surprised and delighted to find that as of this morning I have raised $1273 for people suffering from HIV. Almost halfway there! I got an extension on the donation deadline – but please, don’t wait any longer! Sponsor me today and help me finish this race.

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