Playing pretend

I’ve spent my free time of the last couple days playing pretend on my computer and having a great time.

You know how I’ve always wanted to have a bakery of my own? Ok, maybe you don’t know. Well, picture this: an arbor-covered patio paved with Spanish tile, with a burbling little fountain in the middle… the wisteria covering the arbor creates dappled shade over comfortable wooden tables and chairs. People talking over mugs of really good coffee, pulling apart gooey cinnamon rolls. Inside, a sparkling glass counter reveals golden-crusted pies, pastries sparkling with dusting sugar, prim tarts, rows upon rows of enormous cookies, artisan loafs studded with dark olives under rugged crusts, and – kept under glass domes like superstars – gorgeous, mile-high cakes showing off things like sugared kumquats, glistening with silky, melt-in-your-mouth buttercreams.

I’ve been imagining this since I was about thirteen, can you tell? At one point there was even a guitar player in there somewhere.

This dream keeps coming up even now because there’s no place in the area to go and it in the shade and have a nice piece of pie. It keeps seeming to me like it would be a good idea…. but honestly, even if we had the capital for an investment like that, it would still probably never happen. I’m not a morning person, nor am I good at handling stress; and I understand both are requirements for running a restaurant. I’ve heard too many horror story about the hoops one has to jump through to get a food license, to be interested in doing it as a real business. Besides, the food industry is a notorious way for idealists and dreamers to dream themselves into bankruptcy.

Still, a girl can play pretend once in a while, can’t she? Especially when a program like Pages is waiting at my fingertips to create a gorgeous three-fold brochure (click to see a pdf). I had a lot of fun putting it together. I like the way the retro font suggests my old-fashioned ethic in terms of starting from scratch with good, natural, basic ingredients (maybe my byline should have been “Never Shortening”). -laugh-

And now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to go bake some roasted-banana cupcakes with caramel buttercream frosting.

One Response to “Playing pretend”

  1. Katie Says:

    I think you can have the dream, without the fuss of owning a business. Set up your spanish-tiled patio and fountain (it will only take you a week right? :grin:), bake your goodies, and host very exclusive soirées.

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