Tallying up

Inspired by this post over at Henbogle, I decided to do my own tallying up of the cost/benefit ratio of the garden. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Even though we’re still a whopping $2,600 in the red (darn all that land clearing), the produce I’ve collected this year has saved us more than $109.

Small beans, and yet it seems like quite a lot when I was expecting nothing at all.

Of course we could get that number much, much higher if only the cussed deer would stop eating all my plants to the ground. They’ve killed off all but two of my cucumber vines, and have now started going after my squash. And my grapes, and my decorative ferns; they’ve even been grazing around the pool and inside our backyard, right next to the house! It seems a fence – and the great expense associated therewith – is inevitable.

(Come to think of it though, free-range venison is itself quite expensive. Just think how quickly I could edge up our numbers if I were only allowed to harvest that crop I’ve been fattening up!)

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  1. Rose Says:

    When’s hunting season?

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