A place to sit for Halloween.<p>

So it occurred to me that I told a couple folks a while back that I’d post pictures of our new furniture and I never did. We’re so proud of it – it’s Ethan Allen and we got both pieces for only $150. It’s scuffed but easily touchup-able, and in really good condition. So Josh and I now have a REAL sofa and armchair!
Which doesn’t really have anything much to do with Halloween, really, but it’s a good excuse to talk about it anyway. We gave out eight bags of candy and my urge to see lots of little kids in costumes was well and truly scratched. It made me mad to see real adults out there too, though – I’d open the door all excited and there would be a 21 year old guy. I mean, come on, give me a break. But as you can see from the pictures, we really got into it – Josh carved the little pumpkin and I carved the big one and made the grave in our front yard (really the just-tilled earth from where I’d moved the azaleas). It was so much fun to wait inside the door and hear people outside talking about it!

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