Poor neighbors

This is half the view from the neighbor’s house as of this week:

Well, the best part of the view, anyway. You can see my corn and beans, even my remaining cole crops (bluish, in the background), and a couple little beds of the buckwheat that I’ve sown for the bees to provide them with pollen, if the deer wouldn’t keep eating it down (thick yellow masses in the foreground). Those messy beds are where I’ve just passed the hoop hoe – the one that cuts weeds off at ground level. I leave them on the soil to decompose naturally and return whatever nutrients they stole, while acting as a mulch. The result is less work and better biodynamics, but an ever-untidy-looking-garden.

But turn around and there’s the ugly half:

About half our cleared plot is still completely uncultivated. No paths laid, no cover crops sowed, nothing. I just go through there and weed-whack it every time the weeds either get about 12-18 inches tall or look like they’re setting flowers. My hope is that over time their amassed biomass – with the added fertilizers and compost I will add – will help amend the soil to the point where it is pliable and plantable. Because right now it is one sorry mess.

Yeah, I talk big about being all self-sustaining and working hard, but have I moved any mulch since May? Organized any more beds? Started thinking about my Fall planting rotation? Uh… nope. My hands are full enough right now as it is! This field will just have to lie fallow for a while longer, while I smile apologetically at the neighbors every time I see them.

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