New July Tradition

Just started a new summer tradition today:

Wild blackberry picking.

Pickings were fairly slim; there were lots of vines but only about three were loaded with berries. And oh, the wicked, wicked thorns! I’m used to the smaller, more herbaceous, “stickery” blackberry vines in California – these vines were woody, about 6′ tall and had the largest, most dangerous hooked thorns I’ve ever seen – rosebushes included! We escaped with only a few punctures, and SofĂ­a never cried or complained and only needed detangling once.

We brought home 12 ounces, not counting the handfuls that my little “helper” ate along the way. (I felt really smart for having outfitted her with a bib before we even started). She was fearless with the vines and stayed close by me the whole time – I had been concerned because most of the berries were along the roadside.

Why is it she’ll eat anything – raw broccoli, even – that she can pick with her own hands or watch me pick, but won’t touch it if it magically appears on her tray? Oh well, anything to get her to eat fresh raw fruits and veggies.

These aren’t nearly enough to make jam with, but I just made a fresh batch of buttermilk, so perhaps some cornmeal-blackberry muffins? Or a blackberry-buttermilk dimple cake?

I hope as our own planted vines grow stronger, and if I remember to prune and fertilize the productive wild vines we found, our blackberry harvest will increase. Add to that the two wild blueberry and several elderberry bushes we found, and over the years we should begin to get a tidy little berry harvest from our own wild woods.

3 Responses to “New July Tradition”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    reminds me of those beautiful freebie blackberries across the alley and all the syrup for ice cream we made…

  2. Rose Says:

    Ah, yes. I remember being awakened at dawn on July mornings, dressing ourselves in wrist to ankle to neck clothes, and going out to pick pick pick. My mom filled that chest freezer with our black treasure. Mmmmm blackberry dessert in the middle of winter.

  3. diana Says:

    “Filled the chest freezer”??? Lucky, I don’t think I could ever get that many! Where did you live?

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