Ten Miles!<p>

And whew, it was tough. Especially since last weekend I was far too sickto run. I did my maintenance runs this week, but it was still muchharder than the seven miles I did on 10-16. Maybe also because Josh wastoo sick to be a waterboy this week, so I didn’t get the rush of seeinghim cheering me on both to the halfway point and back! 😀

I tried the chocolate Gu this week and it was actually quite tasty – rather than just saying “well I didn’t throw up”, I can fully endorse it! -laugh- It reminds me of the times when I was a little kid sneaking frosting right out of the jar. -grin-

I’ve set the open mic night/coffeehouse/poetry reading for November 9th, my birthday! Josh is working on picking out the songs he’s going to play for it. I’m so excited! I want to perform with him but we don’t have anything worked out yet – maybe I’ll just chip in on the choruses. -laugh-

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