Bad for you but oh, so tasty<p>

So we’re getting another cat on Saturday, named Butter. Kitty wasgetting so bored all day that he’s become obnoxiously agressive andbitey. It was making me sad and it was embarrassing in front of guests(like a little dog you just can’t potty train weeing on your bestfriends’ shoes) – so for his own good we’re getting him a companion. Wewent to two different shelters, and at Rude Ranch we found two cats wereally liked.

One was an 8-week-old long-haired maine coone kitten that looked justlike Gizmo from the Gremlin movies – I wanted to name her Gremlinor Muppet. She was just adorable and she purred so much! But shedidn’t seem particularly interested in cuddling, which is thesecond-most important reason I want another cat – I want a cat that isgoing to jump into my lap whenever I sit down. So as adorable as shewas, we finally decided against getting her, because she’d probably endup being just as stand-offish as our cat is now… she had a lot of thesame behavior traits that he did then. -sigh- Isn’t she so cute, though? :(

So instead, we went with Butter (yes, I chose that name), a short-hairedwhite cat that’s about 5 months old. A lot older than we wanted,certainly, and also her hair is much coarser than the other kitten’s. But she’s so funny! She is definitely a lap cat, andjust lolled around and let her tummy be rubbed. But she’s also going tobe a great companion for Kitty because she was quite playful. (Anotherthing I was worried about was Kitty beating up on a little kitten atenth of his size. Butter can at least fend for herself.) So althoughI’m sad that we don’t get another teeny-tiny-kitten to watch grow up, Ithink this is perhaps the right cat for us. I hope.

In any case, getting them introduced to each other is going to be harderthan I thought. Only now, 9 hours after we came home, is Kitty lettingus touch him. When we first came home, he took one sniff at our handsand growled and ran and hid under the couch. :( Poor Kitty. If only heknew that it was for his own good. Well, he’s got a week to adjust – she’s getting spayed on Thursday and then comes home on Saturday!

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