US General Services Agency Deploys Goat Herd to Save Energy, Money

Got this via my father-in-law … way to go, government!

The extreme overgrowth and underbrush on the hillside behind the Richard H. Chambers U.S. Courthouse in Pasadena, California, prompted GSA’s Pacific Rim Region property management to take quick action to avoid summer fires.

Ultimately, the choice was easy: Use a herd of goats. The decision meant a cost-saving to taxpayers over hiring manual labor and proved to be better for the environment than bulldozers.

The unusually wet winter and spring caused the overgrowth, which, in California, always means the risk of summer wildfires and grass fires because of tinder underbrush.

The goats are an efficient vegetation management tool, costing thousands less and taking three days vs. a week for manual labor, with few side effects. Unlike bulldozers, used historically for the annual project, goats control brush and weeds without disturbing the grass and soil. They also do not pollute or leave synthetic chemicals that could run off into lakes and streams or be ingested by other animals.

Download the full report of goats vs. the costs of manual labor at .

2 Responses to “US General Services Agency Deploys Goat Herd to Save Energy, Money”

  1. Erin Says:

    Rock on! The goverment thinks outside the box!

  2. heidi Says:

    don’t you remember the annual goat herds on the Ft Ord side of Hiway 68?
    how one day they’d be there with dogs and Basque herders looking like a pile of widely dispersed rocks on the hills along the highway and a few days later they’d disappeared over the hills into Ft. Ord brushland.

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