Garden companions

I love how the chickens all follow me around the yard whenever I go out to the garden. Do they see me as their rooster, or are they trained to expect treats?

They frighten poor Sofía because they’ll peck you if you squat down, thinking you’re feeding them – and they peck hard – but today she had a victory and remembered what I had told her about being big, waving her arms, and shouting NO, CHICKENS! And she laughed, and laughed, and laughed when the frightened would-be-Sofía-snacker flapped away in dismay.

Today I also got them into a feeding frenzy by gathering handfuls of disgusting little scratchy swarming Japanese beetles and holding them down at their reach. They must have eaten dozens of the nasty little bugs. Happy chickens, happy mommy, and less Japanese beetles next year, hooray.

I’m really becoming kind of absurdly fond of them. And far from thinking them ugly, I’m beginning to think the black Australorps, at least, are quite beautiful. Their black feathers shine a deep iridescent bottle-green in the sun.

One Response to “Garden companions”

  1. heidi Says:

    good for Sofia.She’s next going to be terrifying them by chasing them all over the yard…better explain that frightened chickens will give fractured eggs (laying while trying to escape the “destroyer”.)
    all this fondness brings me to another song…you only eat the ones you love…
    sorry to be macab (sp?) but either they are pets and friendly workers or not…

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