I felt like a real pioneer woman today, because this is what I did while Sofía napped:

Armed with a long-handled sledgehammer, three wedges, and – just at the very end, just a tiny bit – a little garden saw, I split a 30-foot log. All by myself. It took me two hours, but I did it.

I also managed to clock myself in the jaw – hard – with the butt end of a catapulting sledgehammer, take a bit of skin off one knee, get seven new mosquito bites, and come close to crushing some fingers, but I survived. And boy, do I feel like I did something worth doing tonight.

See, all these logs have lain here since the ground was cleared back in February. Originally I was going to use them as bed borders, but first I couldn’t even lift them – these logs are BIG! They were full-sized trees! – and then I went and decided to make my beds all curvy, so long straight-ish things won’t work any more. I had got so I was kind of wishing I had let the guys chop them in lengths for firewood to begin with.

But they have to be useful somehow, right? Beyond burning?

Well for one thing, our goats will need a pen, so how about some split-rail fencing? All I would have to do is split each of those halves in half again (the right one I’d split in thirds I think, it’s pretty damn heavy), and I’d have lots and lots of fence railage at my disposal (too bad I can’t make the wire mesh liner, too). Or alternately, I want to build a little tool shed in the center of the garden, backed into Backfill Hill. It doesn’t have to be watertight, so I had thought I might use halves of logs just like these ones, lined up vertically on top of a stud frame, for the walls. Rustic-looking and self-sufficient. Additionally, every time it rains my little chopped-out staircase turns into a mini waterfall and washes away a little bit more: the steps could really use some wooden risers to hold back all that dirt. I could buy a few 6x6s, but I bet a small, halved log would work just perfectly.

The point is, now that I know I can do it I’m sure I can find uses for these logs. As long as all my echoing clanging and banging with the sledgehammer doesn’t piss off all the neighbors.

3 Responses to “Riven”

  1. heidi Says:

    wow! and I thought I was good using the neighbor’s wood splitter for firewood…watch those rebounds,though.
    don’t you think the goats would make short work of such a pen?
    I like the idea of the stair treads, that stairway was getting ify with the brush and rain when we were there.
    deer fence posts?
    save some posts for Sofia’s “little house”? or a stairway bannister? wood deck for S’s house?

  2. diana Says:

    I’m sure the split-rail fence wouldn’t last if I let the goats have at it – but remember, I’m going to line the inside of the fence with metal hardware cloth. Hee, if I have leftover wood I might build something for Sofía with it, but otherwise it’s far too splintery and oddly-proportioned.

    I can’t wait for you guys to visit over Christmas so you can see all I’ve done.

  3. heidi Says:

    can’t wait…can we come now?
    jk :)

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