Another great day<p>

I had such an awesome run today!! Wish I knew what it was that made runs particularly awesome, so I could repeat that. :/ I made myself run slowly the first half mile, and then to my surprise I was able to run the full 3 miles, FOR THE FIRST TIME, without stopping! I was even able to sprint the last lap, and another one after that!

So the total with my warmup and cooldown laps was 3.3 miles in 40minutes. So 12 minutes per mile, and that was holding myself back hardon the first half. I’m getting better!

I also got my website set up yesterday – check it out, i’m going to beposting a link at the bottom of each new entry (you know, just in casesomeone stumbles across this by accident or something). I worked hard onit!


(deadline November 30: Thanks for your support!)

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