I’m finally getting into the fundraising thing a little bit more. I designed a business card! The only thing is, I included a website URL on them that doesn’t actually exist yet… so now to make that. Homework? What? How could that possibly be more important than business cards? -laugh-

I had a really good run yesterday. My muscles are still feeling it. Ican do a 10-minute mile when I’m fresh! I walked a lap, ran 1.5 miles,walked a lap, ran another 1.5 miles, and did a cool-down lap. Total ofabout 3.2 miles.

So if I do that Mon, Tues, Weds, and Fri, that’s about 12-13 milesweekly. Plus the group runseach weekend, which get longer and longer. They weren’t kidding whenthey said we’d log over 500 miles just in training.

Off to fiddle with my new website

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