I had an awesome run this morning. For the second time, I wasable to run the full 2 miles before walking one lap, then I ran to threemiles before walking half a lap and sprinting it in to leap on Martha asshe was heading for the lockers. I did 3.2 miles in 38 minutes… solet’s see… that’s an 11 and 3/4 minute mile. Getting better!!! I hadamazing energy. Ah, the wonders of peanut butter for breakfast…Or maybe I’m finally starting to get in shape. -laugh-

I also ran on Monday, 3 miles even, but MAN was it tough. I’m glad today was so much fun.

Had a fundraising idea the other day – little bottles of jam to sell door-to-door. I’m also doing a little fundraising with a group from Maryland, so that should generate some funds. Hopefully I’ll get my official packet soon!

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