Summer pickings

What a good day we had today.

Grandma Kathy is here to visit for a week and a half (for a couple of those days she’ll watch Sofía while Josh and I take our first real vacation as married people, to celebrate our seven-year anniversary). While she’s here we plan to do all kinds of delightful things.

Today was pick-your-own peaches and blackberries.

Ever since I experienced a side-by-side taste test of home-canned vs. storebought peaches, I have been wanting to can some more. But somehow, despite my best intentions, I’ve just never gotten over to the PYO farm during peach season since that one time that my dear, dear friend Ann and I went. It was time.

The fruit was splendidly abundant – one large branch had broken under the weight of the pendulous velvety peaches. Once we’d found a spot far from the entrance, there were peaches so ripe they would just fall off the tree with the most gentle of tugs.

Sofía kept trying to grab them too hard, and her little fingers would sink in to the pit. Then we would have to drop them – for they were too ripe and broken to survive the trip home – to “feed the bees.” And to feed the Sofía.

She loves anything she can pick off a plant and eat. If I chop and peel fruit or veggies for her and put them on a plate she won’t eat them, but she just loves to go out in the garden and shove anything edible into her mouth. She knows and adores the mint and thyme patch; she will even eat raw broccoli if she can pick it herself. She will pick squash flowers and eat them like candy. Blackberries were no exception.

Once we got home I spent the next few hours canning – more on that tomorrow – and swimming in the pool. After all that, all I felt like making for dinner was a simple tortilla española and gazpacho… but of course we had to have a buttermilk blackberry-peach cobbler for dessert too!

Biscuits for breakfast tomorrow to taste-test the new jelly!

3 Responses to “Summer pickings”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Well we must be related…I got down to shaking the plum tree behind out house.Collected two basket (big African baskets) full of ripe cherry-sized plums. Still about the same amount on the tree( sigh). THEN I had to DO something with them. So I washed,pitted and boiled them. Made one load of straight plum jam (8 jars processed), had enough cooked juice (No additives) leftover to make 2 more batches…different additives (maybe apples, necterines or orange) or style (jam, jelly or “butter”).
    Wish I was there to share mine and yours…
    Glad Sofia likes fresh fruits and veges, but better WATCH her in the wild…

  2. Aunt Nancy Says:

    YEA!!!! PICTURES!!! Hope you all have a wonderful time! I LOVE the last picture of Sofia with the sunglasses, and the blackberry juice on her chin! It looks like it should be in a magazine!

  3. Erin Says:

    I love the PYO farm, but sadly they are only really cost affective for apples:( We go every 3/4 weeks in apple season and get about 50 lbs each time. let me know if you want to gang up;)

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