First group training session<p>

Also, it feels like, the first day of fall. Cool enough to shiver a bit in the morning, even with a sweater on!

We all met in Waterfront, a ghetto-tastic mall plaza that fortunately is close to the national mall, where we’ll be doing all our running. In fact, we’re going to be doing 26-mile group runs, so I anticipate we’ll be running all the heck over D.C.

I only got some cheerios this morning, as we were out of eggs, and I think that made an unfortunate difference in my performance. Add to that that I drank 12 oz of water before leaving and desperately had to pee halfway through the run, and today I didn’t do all that hot. But I did make a 12-minute-a-mile average pace (they timed us on three miles)! Much better than I’d thought.

I put myself in an easier pace group than the one they assigned me,because I don’t want to get burnt out. And also, my knees were reallyaching after the run today, despite the new (hard!) shoes. This way, I should feel good after each run, rather than desperate. I want to have fun … well, as much as is possible, anyway. -laugh-

Haven’t gotten the fundraising packets or neat-o teeshirt in the mailyet, but I met another girl from UMD who wants to fundraise (oncampusonly) with Martha and me. If possible, anyway – I hope it’s not justeveryone-for-self. She had a neat idea – business cards with fundraisinginformation on them. Don’t want to nab her idea, but I think I willanyway! -laugh-

Time to go eat the tamale pie that I made today, flavored with thesalsa that I made myself and canned on Saturday… yum!

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