I fear that most of my blogging from now on is going to be pretty exclusively about the marathon, since that’s about the biggest thing going on in my life right now (except, oh, say GRAD SCHOOL maybe -grin-). But what the hey, I find that keeping records helps keep me motivated. Maybe what I need is a nifty little chart. But for now, verbage will have to suffice:

Today I walked 0.4 miles (4 laps) while waiting for Martha to show. Thenwe jogged a full 21 laps together. I had to then walk two, and we joggedanother two. So if the track sign is right and 1 lap = 0.1 mile, thenaltogether I did 2.9 miles in about 35 minutes. Not great, butreasonably under the 16-minute-per-mile that the trainers require for participation. And remember, this is just my second week.

We jogged a lot faster today than we normally do, and I was very proudthat I was able to keep up the pace. Add to that the fact that Martha(trained marathong and many-km veteran racer) says that the sign iswrong and that she’d be willing to bet that each lap is actually a lot closer to 0.2 miles, and I’m doing pretty darn good! -grin-

Gotta go before this darn Ivan takes out my power and my internet connection all in one go – but on sort of the same note, I got running shoes today! Actual good ones. They were listed for $134, but I got them for $90. Could have had them for $30 if Martha’d been willing to pay full price on her pair, since it was a 2nd-pair-for-$30 sale, but that wouldn’t be fair to her. So I got some brand new good shoes, and some new socks too! All set to go on Sunday, my first group run.

Oh, and my first jam turned out AWESOME. :)

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