There are a couple things that have survived the bug onslaught in the garden: namely, basil and marigolds.

I harvested 3 1/2 pounds of basil yesterday! Pounds! Plus a lovely farmhouse bouquet that makes the kitchen immeasurably cheerier.

All that basil rendered about a gallon bag full of puree-cubes (about 40) along with this generous and bountiful bouquet for fresh eating.

All is not lost, I suppose… though basil isn’t exactly a calorie crop. Delicious, though!

One Response to “Glut”

  1. Erin Says:

    I have tons of tomatoes right now. I have been canning my heart out but with working full time it’s hard to keep up on them mid-week. If you have something to trade come over and take some off our hands:)

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