Hot, sticky, slurpy … peaches<P>

What were you thinking? -laugh-

Just made jam tonight for the first time! It’s a strawberry-peach jam, and I’m a little worried about how it turned out because the fruit chunks seem to have separated from their clear sticky goo. And also, six cups of sugar is a buttload of sugar. Standing there getting splattered with hot liquid fruit stirring a crusty pot of sugar takes a little bit of the romance out of making my own canned goods… but not much. -grin-

Seriously though, I’m totally excited about making tons and tons of canned stuff: pickles (finally maybe I can get some I like), hot fudge, salsa (same comment as for the pickles), apple butter, you name it. And making the jam only took an hour and about twelve bucks.

In other news, in my half-crazy attempts to avoid actual schoolwork atall costs and my burning desire to deny that another semester hasstarted, I’ve adopted lots of other hobbies too. I was thinking aboutpicking up sewing again because I had so much fun making my costume forthe Ren Faire this past labor day. Yup. Wench-tastic. At leastI have a costume for Halloween now.

And pottery, finally!!! I signed up for open studio time at the Greenbelt Community center. I’m hoping to focus on making things to sell, since I already have a lot of the things that I want for myself. It’d be nice to turn my hobby into a little bit of cash flow. Also, I found a girl on the bus that said she might be willing to share a stall with me at the craft fairs she goes to. Whoopee! -grin-

I’m trying this new thing this semester, where I work like hell during the week but my Saturdays are entirely mine. So far I’ve been able to stick with it, mainly because I’m so eager to avoid work in any case. Yes, my dedication to loafing knows no bounds. Actually it’s nice, we’ve been around to see tons of stuff we’ve never seen, and had a few friends over. And I’m SO MUCH HAPPIER this semester … well at least so far … :/

And last but not least, I’m running a marathon! Or I’m trying to. So far I can run 2.6 miles, if I stop in the middle to walk 0.2 of those. That’s 10%! Apparently I have to be able to keep up a 16-minute-mile to be in the race, so we’ll see. It’s in February in New Orleans. I’m training with Martha Maus, this awesome girl in my department. We run 4x a week, and also have group runs on Saturdays. Hey – maybe I’ll lose some weight for a good cause! -laugh- The only thing is that I have to raise $2700 by November 30. More on that fundraising bit in later blogs.

I’m hoping to keep up more regular blog entries concerning my progress in both distance, weight, and fundraising. The people said they’d give me a special website, which I will post forthwith. But for now … gotta go check on my jam. :)

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