Today’s loot

Here’s the harvest from today’s morning trip out to gather eggs (two today!).

Two 5-pound watermelons, one 5-pound Marina di Chioggia winter squash, one two-pound butternut, and of course our own egg. (The second egg came later, so it’s not shown.)

I wouldn’t have harvested the butternut or Chioggia quite yet, but vine borers got their vines and so there was definitely no more growing going on. Besides, I’ve seen them in the farmer’s market already so I know it’s not too awfully early. They’ll have to cure for at least two weeks before we eat them, anyway!

2 Responses to “Today’s loot”

  1. Erin Says:

    Do you think that is as big as our melons will get? I’ve been wondering because mine have stopped growning about that size, lol. I’m going to pick one or the BBQ, I’m excited to taste it:)

  2. diana Says:

    Hi Erin, the melons are ready when they say a hollow “plonk” instead of “plink” when knocked on, OR (easier to remember, in my book) when the little curled tendril opposite the melon-attachy-stem turns brown and shrivels. That means they won’t get any bigger! As far as I know, you can leave them attached out in the garden until their stem starts turning brown, but then you better eat them quick. :)

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