The Old shall be New again…

So by the time we called this morning to see whether it would be worth it to put an offer on the Laurel townhouse I wrote about in my last entry, they’d already presented offers. >:( So, no go with that one. Well, it was really nice but we would have had to buy a car.

BUT there is also semi-good news – we do finally have a house. Thistownhouse in Greenbelt. Nearly. Turns out the guy we lost it to beforebummed out on his contract. So they relisted it, and we gotit for $201K.

I’m relieved that we finally have a place (if, of course, we agree withthe homeowner’s association contract). There are a lot of plusses: itwas built in like ’87, so it won’t have any structural problems. It’s ina great location, better for both of us than any others thatwe’ve looked at – five minutes drive from a road that leads directly toJosh’s work, and actually on the (free) university shuttle routefor me. It’s got a yard, even though it’s teeny, which is better thansome of the other places we’ve looked at – at least we can garden, andbarbecue outside. It’s got a huge (to us) country kitchen. And it’s insuch a great neighborhood, right next to a beautiful park. We talked to some of the neighbors, and they love it there. When we drove up there were some little girls playing jump-rope, waiting for the bus. I’d feel perfectly safe, and I think I’d be happy.

But there are some minuses too, both big and small.

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