Let the shedding begin

Remember back when I said I was going to be building a tool shed in the garden?

Well, the excavation has begun. This is how far I got in two hours: four wheelbarrowloads of dirt.

I am saving all the round stones I find – and there are a lot of them – to line our future patio fire pit, or perhaps to help cover the floor of the shed if I can’t sieve enough gravel out of the beds around the pool.

I’m trucking the dirt around to help fill the low swampy beds in the back 40. It’s not good soil, but its bulk will be essential in providing non-swampy growing area for next year. It will become good soil eventually.

Doesn’t look like much, huh? I got a couple more hours in yesterday after I took this picture, but it is slow going.

Here I go off to slave some more…

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