Good Lord I am tired

This is how far I got on the shed excavation yesterday:

And this is how I left it this afternoon:

I had brought down a whole wheelbarrowload of tools because I thought I was about ready to just dig post holes and start building, but no. I had to keep going back and fixing stuff. First I got everything ready to start the retaining wall and then realized I hadn’t included space for the retaining wall… so my shed would be 3′ wide if I didn’t go back and deepen the hole. So I did. Then once the wall was built, I realized it was leaning forward. I took it all apart and restacked it, stepped back this time.

Those two plastic arched thinggies… well I’m not sure what they were originally supposed to be. I found them in the shed and thought that, backed with 1/4″ hardware mesh, maybe they’d work as pretty windows under the peak of the rafters. Anyone know what they might actually be?

I dug my first post hole – see the tip of that split rail poking out on the right? That’s about 30″ long, so it told me I had gone deep enough.

And I cut my first post. 6′ long. The shed will only be 4′ tall at the corners, rising up to 6′ at the peak (because of permit restrictions). 2′ of each post will be dug down and set in concrete.

Because I didn’t want to dig it out far enough to leave myself walking room behind the shed, I will have to fully and completely construct the back wall and then raise the whole thing into place at once. This is pretty common practice, and with a wall only 6′ tall I think I should be able to manage. But it might mean that I’ll have to start splitting more logs (for cladding) sooner than I had wanted.

I didn’t get around to waterproofing the ends or even cutting a second post: I was exhausted. I still am. My feet feel like elephant paws and my fingers hurt. This homesteading thing is hard. -whine-

And now it’s time to go can a bushel of tomatoes and one of peaches too. Maybe I’ll just do whole or halved fruit this time, to save trouble.

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