When it rains, it pours

So remember back in this post, just about one week ago, when I was pining for both more freezer space and a pressure cooker? Well, lookee what marvelous (free!) finds dropped in my lap in the last few days.

A big, newish chest freezer and a solid-cast-aluminum pressure cooker!

Both need some rehab, of course.

The chest freezer looked gross inside before:

Ewwww. But it’s truly remarkable what a few scrubs, sandpapering, and a few coats of fresh white spray enamel will do. It looks almost new now! I also have to remove and plug (with puffy foam spray insulation) the white pipe thing on top, and repair one of the hinges.

The pressure cooker/canner is quite tarnished, and the canning rack inside will need some serious attention with steel wool. It also needs a new pressure weight-whistle-thinggy, and possibly a new gauge (I haven’t tested that yet).

But honestly, I feel so lucky to have received two such necessary and coveted – and expensive! – items for free in the same week! A couple $5 parts and some elbow grease seems like a very small price to pay.

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