Oh well…

So, we didn’t get the townhouse even though we offered $14,000 over the asking price on it. Our realtor is getting just as shocked and frustrated as we are… he says a colleague of his tried to sell a $500,000 house the other day and the winning offer was $150,000 over the list price. So it’s just gonna take a while, folks… maybe we’ll just have to move to a better apartment in the mean time, and keep looking.

So I just realized the other day that I’ve never posted anything about our CAT, despite all my whining and whining!!! I guess the minute I got him my cravings were satisfied. -laugh-. Anyway, he’s just awesome! Officially, his name is Torquemada, but we just call him Kitty. When we got him he was this small…

He’s the best cat in the world because he’s so smart and so funny. And so affectionate… he used to always have to be up on people’s shoulders no matter what, walking around the apartment or whatever:

I’m sure he’s got some Siamese in him because of how he talks all thetime – an every meow is funnier than the last. He beeps, whines, chirps,growls, and goes WRRROOOOWWRRRR. And every night he comes and nuzzlesinto my neck and sleeps with me, purring like thunder caught in a littlecat-shaped drum. -grin- But what I like best about him is how smart and curious he is, and what funny things he does.

Yay kitty!!!

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