Our Saturday

She was most excited by the Ferris Wheel, and had been talking about it for days.

After corn dogs, sweet tea, and funnel cakes was the “Cow Palace.” I found the only two Jerseys polled Shorthorns.


Pretty little Nubians.

“Sweet Molasses” and “Muffin” alpacas. Sofía was fascinated to watch Muffin nurse.

A sandbox full of soybeans!

She loved the straw maze! We have got to go to some more this Fall.

Hide and Seek in the straw maze:

My favorite cock in the Poultry room, a Cubalaya Black-Breasted Red. Very small, but gorgeous.

The condition of most of the hens in the poultry room made me pretty sad, actually; many were dirty, pecked, bedraggled, and tired-looking. And these were show birds! I don’t raise show birds or do much more than to make sure they’re happy, but I was startled to realize that my hens look so much better: bigger & glossy, with neat feathers and bright eyes. Maybe I should exhibit some next year!

We couldn’t find any pony rides (boo!!!) so the carousel had to suffice. Sofía cried when it was over, but since they made Josh pay the regular price just for standing by and holding her on, we couldn’t ride twice.

Getting tired, Sofía rode back to the car in the mei tai and fell asleep the moment she was buckled into the car.

What a good day.

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