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So I know it’s been forever since I’ve written… This PhDprogram is really killing me. I have a whole schedule written up for thenext seven weeks, detailing every single project that I have todo, day by day, hour by hour, until I can finish up the semester. (Thesad thing is, I’m really not kidding.)

Anyway, part of what’s been taking up so much time for me lately is thesearch for a house. We’ve been looking all over, going several times aweek to look at the heaps of junk that happen to fall within our pricerange. It’s taken up crazy amounts of time and has been largelyfrustrating/depressing – we’ve put down four offers and have been outbidby thousands – sometimes tens of thousands – of dollars each time. That’s even after we’ve bid 10K over the asking price.

So we changed our focus a little bit and have started looking fartheraway. And on Friday we found a gorgeous little townhouse in Laurel. Theneighborhood is just great, especially after all our experiences here inLangely Park! Just to name a few, we’ve had to call 911 four timesbecause of screams and gunshots, I saw a guy’s car in the process ofgetting stolen just the other week, and there’s some kind ofcrackwhore/gang leader who comes over every Thursday with her “bitchesn’ hos” and bangs on our window with her two inch long nails to get ourcat’s attention. And it’s always a joy trying to drive around whileavoiding the tottering drunk people. Oh yeah, and walking home from thebus stop, and being followed into the scary underground laundry room bygang members. : / But I am not alone… Check out this sweetdiatribe from Craig’s list by an anonymous fellow Langely Parksufferer. -laugh-

But by Monday we’ll know whether we’re OUTTA HEAH or not – thistownhouse is in a nice area of Laurel and it borders a country club’shuge (beautiful, I must admit, despite my scorn for all things golfly)golf course. So basically, after all this stress and jittery fear oftaking out the trash to the dumpster after dark, this Laurel communityseems to us a beautiful, peaceful haven of rich-old-people-ness.

It’s a lot different than other townhouse communities: for one thing,each of the townhouses takes up one quarter of a quadrant of houses. Though they’re all built in the same style, they all have a slightlydifferent floorplan and they all look very different from the outside. They even used different sizes, colors, and materials of sidings toemphasize the feeling that these are actual homes that anarchitect thought through carefully, not just cookie-cutter livingspaces. We bid $14,000 over the asking price on this one, and sinceit’s technically a condo we don’t think anyone else will match ouroffer.

It’s got a large (new) country kitchen, cathedral ceilings in the living room, an open loft space for a study or sitting area, a little foyer, a FIREPLACE, and a balcony with french doors, plus two large bedrooms, each with its own full bath. Uh-huh. -grin- We wouldn’t have to do any kind of fixing up at all, because everything is just perfect.

Here are some pics, although they don’t do it justice: don’t hear till Sunday, so we’re on pins and needles till then!

Well, back to work for me… :/

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