Hot, sweaty day

It was in the mid-90s today, but since my time is limited before the Fall rains start coming I went out to work on the shed anyway. SofĂ­a obliged me by taking a nice long 3-hour nap, so I got what felt like a good amount of work done… except to see it in the pictures you’d think I could have gotten it done in 15 minutes!

Taking a break, drinking ice-cold homemade root beer.

Consider that I was using all hand tools. A crappy hand saw to cut logs to length, and a hammer and chisel to cut and flatten the ends of the beams for nailing onto the posts.

It. Was. Painful. How did people ever used to build whole houses this way?

So originally I was going to make the entire shed out of my own logs, right? Well, a chance find at a Freecycle pickup for something else resulted in my taking home five pressure-treated 6×4″ posts, already exactly 6′ long – just the right length. I had been fretting about how to safely waterproof the ends of my log posts, so this was a perfect solution. (Thanks, Leslie!)

I’m frustrated by how little work I got done in my short naptime work-window – just the post and beam frame of one wall and the rafters cut. I had been hoping to get the rafters hung and the side cladded and maybe the whole wall even raised and the posts concreted – I even brought down sacks of concrete with me in the wheelbarrow! So this evening I broke down and begged a sawzall off my chicken-coop-building friend. Power tools ahoy! I’m crossing my fingers this will cut my work time waaaay down … otherwise, there’s no way this shed will ever get finished because I’m sure to get distracted by some other random project first!

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