ARGHHHHHHHHH (times two)

Yes. “Argh” just about does it.

Argh #1: So my dad called me yesterday (Thursday) to see if he andAnamaria (my little sister) could come and visit for a week – startingFriday. “0_0” I said, and then appended an “of course.”

(Note: To be fair, I think the visit itself should be tons of fun. Ican’t wait to show them around D.C. – I especially want to show my dad(who’s an architect) the breathtaking National Museum of African Art -and feed them at all our favorite watering holes. But I do believe thatthe spontaneity of the proverbial in-laws’ visit deserves duefun-poking. So if you’re reading this, dad, know that it’s all in goodfun. I can’t get into the really good jokes because I already told youwhere to find this blog! -grin- )

So he and Anamaria are going to arrive tonight (Saturday) and will besubjected to sleeping on camping mats on our very hard floor. At leastit’s been recently (very recently – aka this morning in aparental-visit-inspired panic) scrupulously cleaned! Tomorrow (after onenight’s suffering) we tour them around IKEA and see if we can’t coax them tobuy us a futon. ^_^

Then, while Josh is at work, I’ll take them around every day,desperately trying to appear confident in the public transportationsystem and just as desperately trying to think up new obscure touristtortures to keep them entertained. Maybe the snow will curb theirenthusiasm somewhat. Maybe it’ll snow so much that we just can’t walkanymore – period – and we’ll make little igloos and hibernate and nobodywill have to burn precious calories looking at cold – er, old -buildings. -grin-

Which brings me to ARGH #2: while doing all this I have to find time todo my homework, because the semester’s starting. Yes, ladies andgentlemen (all three of you), it’s time to start thinking again. -groan-Back to the intellectual blogging, where I practice rhetoric so muchthat I manage to convince myself that I actually care aboutacademia. -laugh-

I’m taking three of the very hardest classes this semester – the onlyharder one is literary criticism, which I don’t have to take and whichisn’t offered this semester anyway. History of the SpanishLanguage, with about three exams AND a final paper (how the hell amI supposed to find anything to say about that?) [note: I hadoriginally written “anything interesting” but I took out the”interesting” because, hey, I’d be happy to find anything,interesting or not.] I’m also taking an independent study on U.S.Latino literature, where I will have to work like a demon to be ableto talk intelligently for 2 and 1/2 hours. And finally, Golden AgePoetry. Those of you that think poetry is easy should do a littleresearch on these baroque monstrosities. Every word has about threedifferent meanings; each poem can be decoded (and I really mean thatthey do have codes in them sometimes) in various ways; there are wholedictionaries out on nothing more than the terms used to describethe techniques used by these poets in this particular era. I’m notkidding. The techniques they used were by far more important than thepoems themselves – so I’m scared shootless. (That editing was for you,dad). :)

But anyway, much remains to be done in our little apartment in preparation of parental inspection. Josh has been drinking his coffee for about two and a half hours now – one of the only things we really fight about – and it’s time to GO, darn it. So, till the next time I can force my lazy self to write anything, wish me luck.

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